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Always Remember Rule # 10!

Rule # 10 | Miracles Happen | Helen Brahms | super fantastic and sparklingAlways remember Rule # 10. What is rule #10? Great question. Back in 2008 after Brad’s first surgery we noticed posters hanging around the ward listing ten things for the medical personnel to remember in dealing with patients and their families. I don’t remember what the heading on the poster was, I don’t remember what #1 through #9 were.

All I remember is Rule #10: Allow room for miracles to take place.

I think this is one of the best rules out there whenever you are dealing with cancer, chronic diseases, challenges, etc. You should ALWAYS allow room for miracles to happen. They happen all day, every day around us. Some of us are in tune with them some are not. Some we recognise and some we do not.

There are books that have story after story of miraculous healings happening. I remember seeing shows on TV that had miraculous healing stories on them. Things that could not be explained. People who were close to dying suddenly made a complete turn around and went on to make a full recovery. People surviving accidents that should have killed them. Everyday all around us there are miracles.

One of my favorite stories is the story of Janine Shepherd. She was an Australian athlete with a promising career until she was hit by a truck while out cycling. Doctors did not think she would survive and if she did, she would never walk again. Her story in the book Never Tell Me Never is an inspiration and a true miracle.

For me personally, I believe in the power of prayer and the miracles that occur when people pray together for a common outcome. To be on the receiving end of those prayers is an incredible feeling. It was those prayers during our first round that helped me to keep going. Even today as we prepare to battle cancer for a second time I feel the love, support, and strength around us from the prayers that are being said.

Not only do I believe in the power of prayer I also believe in my faith and I know the bible is full of miracles. I know there are people out there who don’t believe in the bible and all it stands for. That’s okay! I’m not here to convert you. I’m just telling my story and I respect your beliefs. Without my faith I don’t know how I would have come through our first round of cancer as well as I did. As we face round two I know that I am strong enough to help Brad get through this again and whatever happens I will survive the journey and come out the other side stronger than I am today. I also know that I will be blessed along this next part of my journey in ways I can’t begin to imagine.

There are miracles happening everyday around us. I personally think one of the most amazing miracles that we all experience is LIFE. Whatever you are facing never give up hope and always remember Rule #10.

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Thank You to my husband for finding a copy of the poster


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