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Today is Super Fantastic and Sparkling (Article)

Leave a Little Sparkle | Helen Brahms | Super Fantastic and SparlkingToday is super fantastic and sparking is a philosophy I live by each day. Since Brad was originally diagnosed with Rectal Cancer on January 19, 2008 I made a conscious decision to pull him through this battle any way I could. As we moved along in our journey my super fantastic sparkling personality started to emerge to the full bloom that you will see today. It is constantly growing and changing and bringing joy to many. I consciously make the decision each morning that today is super fantastic and sparkling.

I LOVE when someone asks me how I am and I respond with “I’m super fantastic and sparkling, thank you! How are you?” For those who have never met me before this throws many of them for a loop. They are expecting to hear the traditional “fine”, “good”, etc. It wakes them up and makes them take notice. I love watching people’s reactions to this statement. Maybe one day I will walk around with a video camera to capture people’s expressions when they hear that phrase. Then I get those who have met me before and ask me just to hear the response as it helps to brighten their day.

I had an interesting encounter in the supermarket the other day. The lady working the checkout was new and was very efficient at what she was doing. She had her head done and she was a scanning machine. On autopilot, as most of them are, she asks how I am. 🙂 She gets my standard response of “I’m super fantastic and sparkling, thank you! How are you?” That got not one but TWO reactions. Her head pops up and she breaks her rhythm AND the lady working the checkout behind me turns around and tells me that she hasn’t seen in awhile! 🙂 Love it when that happens!!

Don’t get caught in the trap of giving a pat answer to the age old question “How are you?” Find something that is you, positive, and different that will invoke a positive reaction from someone when you don’t give the standard response. Make sure it is something that will bring some light into their day and make them smile. You never know when what you say helps someone who needs some sparkle in their day.

What is your favourite way to respond to others when they ask you “How are you?”  Please leave your answers below and then go out and add some sparkle to someone’s day.

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